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  • What Language Can I Borrow?

    A very personal essay about mothers and mortality. How can we celebrate Eastertide during a time of COVID-19? In the May 5, 2020 print edition of Christian Century, online here.

    What Language Can I Borrow?
  • Like the First Easter

    Content Warning: Stillbirth Yesterday was Good Friday. Instead of working on a sermon or reading scripture to follow Jesus along the Via Dolorosa, I spent hours on the phone with my elderly mother, trying to help her master Zoom technology. The hours felt as sacred as any Good Friday observance. I want my mother to… Continue Reading…

    Like the First Easter
  • Podcast — Faith Conversations with Anita Lustrea

    Be part of the conversation as Anita Lustrea and I discuss justice, feminism and faith, including: why I wrote about the #MeToo movement, why we all have resistance to the subject why the equality of women matters what anger is good for how Jesus sees women how purity culture affects all of us, and why… Continue Reading…

    Podcast — Faith Conversations with Anita Lustrea
  • UNBOUND, a sermon preached during the pandemic, on the raising of Lazarus, John 11:1-45
  • A Life Cut Short by the Flu of 1918

    Our personal responses to the coronavirus are shaped by many things, including our understanding of history. I’ve been thinking about the Flu of 1918, which has always been very real to me, perhaps because I heard stories about it from my father. He was named Nicholas after an uncle who died in that flu, in… Continue Reading…

    A Life Cut Short by the Flu of 1918
  • Articles featuring THE #METOO RECKONING

    How Should the Church Respond to a Faith Leader’s Sexual Abuse? Charisma Magazine, March 2020. Hope in the Research #5, FaithTrust Institute, January 2, 2020. The Sexual Harasser in the Soup Kitchen (an adapted excerpt), Christian Century, January 2, 2020. Reaching Out to a Hurting World: PW Talks with Ruth Everhart, Publishers Weekly, November 22,… Continue Reading…

    Articles featuring THE #METOO RECKONING

    A roundup of reviews, will be updated.


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