This event was called “A Church Response to Interpersonal Violence,” but a friend of mine came up with a great nickname: “Two Ruths Telling Truths.”

The two speakers are Ruth Tucker (on domestic violence) and myself, Ruth Everhart (on sexual violence). The event was sponsored by Safe Church Ministry CRC and the Sexuality Series at Calvin College. November 4, 2016 in the Calvin College Chapel. Moderated by Mike VanderLaan.

The video beings with some conference preliminaries and then Ruth Tucker tells her story. My story begins at minute 16 and runs through 29 or so. After that the “Two Ruths” go back and forth answering questions from the moderator. The conversation is done around 1:08 and then there are questions from the audience. You might want to jump to the end to see my sister Susan pop up for the last question!

One thing I learned from this event is that I don’t like sitting while I speak! I would much rather stand. Also, I had tons of trouble with my headset microphone.

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