Devotions in the Wake of #MeToo

Psalm 22, Isaiah 43, 2 Samuel 13, Luke 18, Mark 5

I first drafted these devotions a year ago (spring 2017) to connect to my memoir — which takes the reader along on my faith journey after experiencing rape at gunpoint.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement (fall 2017), these scriptures have become all the more poignant and powerful to me.


Each devotion is one page and includes a brief passage of scripture, reflection questions, prayer prompts and a color photo that suggests a connection to a current event.

The passages featured are:
~ Psalm 22    “Why Have You Abandoned Me?”
~ Isaiah 43    “Before & After”
~ 2 Samuel 13  “Carrying My Sexual Shame”
~ Luke 18    “She Persisted”
~ Mark 5    “Boldly Seeking Jesus”

You could use these yourself, with a small group, or with your church. I hope they speak to you, and I encourage you to share them.

I’m in the process of updating my site as my theme has been discontinued. Due to these technical difficulties, I can’t attach the PDFs here. If you’d like to receive the devotions, subscribe to my updates or send me a message.

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