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“A Church Response to Interpersonal Violence”   (“Two Ruths Telling Truths”)

Sponsored by Safe Church Ministry CRC and the Calvin Sexuality Series, 11/4/16

The two speakers are Ruth Tucker (on domestic violence) and myself, Ruth Everhart (on sexual violence). Moderated by Mike VanderLaan. My 15-minute story runs from minute 16 through 29. After that the “Two Ruths” go back and forth answering questions from the moderator. The conversation is done around 1:08 and then there are questions from the audience. You might want to jump to the end to see my sister Susan pop up for the last question!


VIDEO:   “Peripatetic,” a sermon on pilgrimage (in a casual environment to close a retreat)

Texts:  Hebrews 11:8-16, Acts 17:22-34,  at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, McLean, VA, 10/16/16

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