#22 Lent Pilgrimage, Mapping It

Saturday after Third Sunday in Lent

Jesus left Judea and started back to Galilee. But he had to go through Samaria. ~John 4:3–4

pilgrims-mapJesus and his disciples were forever traipsing about from town to town. I sometimes read the names of these places and immediately forget them, just as I might half-listen to a coworker’s description of a trip, wondering later whether they’d visited Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. Both of those cities might be in Pennsylvania, but they’re far apart! To be a pilgrim is to lay down memories of specific places, memories tracked in road dust. To be a pilgrim is to notice how the dryness and desolation of Judea gives way to green things growing in Galilee.

Can you study a map of the Holy Land. What might you see as you follow Jesus during this Lenten season?

Prayer: O Creator, let me notice your climate and terrain.

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