Island-Hopping . . from Manhattan . . to the Thousand Islands . . to Beaver Island

I have just returned home from a 2-week road trip with my husband. We teasingly called it “island-hopping” though no cruising was involved.

IMG_3616We began in Manhattan (the New York Island) . . .

at right is a blurry picture from lunch at Sardis with my sister and her family.




. . .  to the Thousand Islands (which are a group of islands in the St. Lawrence Seaway where it pours out of Lake Ontario) . . .

at left is a sunset picture from a boat cruise out of Gananoque, Ontario because who isn’t a sucker for sunsets on water?



IMG_3773. . . to Beaver Island, Michigan (take a 2+ hour ferry from Charlevoix, near Petoskey).

at right my husband is holding onto my mother’s walker as my parents sit below on the ferry deck. Don’t they all look comfortable?

It felt like a relaxed trip even though we covered a lot of ground. We had made advance-plans for the various stops to visit friends and family, but the rest of the trip we played it by ear. That worked well since it was early in the season and we weren’t going to crowded spots.

I relished the opportunity to see new things, to visit with friends both old and new, and to play lots of Shanghai with my parents.

What are you relishing this summer?

(Speaking of relish, you will definitely want to check back tomorrow for the in-depth history of Thousand Island dressing.)

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