Friday Five “Almost Groundhog Day”

Today’s “Friday Five” from RevGalBlogPals is in honor of the movie and the day — Almost Groundhog Day Edition of the Friday Five!

1. The Holiday:  On a scale of 1-5 (with 1 representing, “Hey! Stop hating on the most awesome season ever!” and 5 representing, “Green. NOW.”), how much are you hankering for spring? And what is, to you, a true sign that it is actually on its way?

To my mind, we haven’t had winter yet. I live in northern Virginia and the weather has been wacky. The temperature fluctuates wildly, but never very cold for very long. It makes me nervous. What if the planet has forgotten how it’s supposed to operate! So no, I can’t say I’m longing for spring, I’m still waiting for winter. I’ll be ready for spring by Easter, I guarantee, but that is still almost 2 months away! I appreciate a fallow season.

2. The Film: Seen it? If yes, Love it? Hate it? Meh?

I love this film. I love Bill Murray in general. I think the movie is both funny and profound. I love how the Bill Murray character finally “clues in” and starts using the repeats to make himself a better person. What a great idea to learn jazz piano! Love that!

3. The Meaning: If you could relive one day of your life, what one would it be?

407088_576715136840_75901054_31824397_333738549_nAbout a year ago, Christmas 2011, our family went to the Grand Canyon and rode mules to the bottom. We spent the night at Phantom Ranch, then rode the mules out of the canyon the next day. I wrote an ebook about it, because it was such a wonderful experience. The scenery was stunning! The sensory details just blew me away. Plus we were together with our grown-up daughters, which was a great treat. Adventures with the four of us. Plus cowboy hats! How could a day be better?

4. The Meaning, Part 2: If you had to relive one day of your life over and over until you got something right (a la the Bill Murray character in the film), what day would that be?

That might be the day of my exit interview with my first church. I never did get the words right. It took me years to process that first church experience.

5. The Meaning, Part 3: If you had to design a life-changing experience for a fairly despicable human being (as is, for example, the Bill Murray character at the film’s start), what would it be? How, given all sorts of unlikely powers to bend time and take control of another person’s personal growth, would you do it?

I’d put them in the skin of a completely different person for a day, preferably a person with a much lower socioeconomic status and fewer opportunities. Kind of a “Living the Least of These” experience. I think it would be an uncomfortable but life-changing day.

Thanks for the Friday Five, Pat!

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  1. I had forgotten about the jazz piano! It makes me think of how much of life is improvising, even if we don’t realize it, and staying the moment can help us listen and respond.

    • Hi Wendy — I clicked over to your Friday Five — and saw that you quoted “Our Town”. I laughed because I had done the same thing, the first time I answered the question — then decided to look at the question differently and chose a more unusual day to “repeat.” It was just fun to see that we had the same Thornton Wilder thoughts. I also see you are a fellow PCUSAer! Thanks for stopping by!

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