Resources for Addressing Sexual Abuse in Church

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As a pastor I know how difficult, but important, it is to address the topic of sexual abuse — from the pulpit, in leadership meetings, and in adult education classes. Because I have unsought expertise in this topic, I am committed to sharing resources with my readers. Please feel free to use these and share them with others (please keep my byline in the footer). Let me know what happens when you use them, and feel free to make suggestions for revisions, or suggest additional resources that would be helpful to you.


~ Devotional on Tamar, found in 2 Samuel 13.

For Team Training on responding to abuse:

Training Scenarios of various inappropriate behavior in churches — how would you respond?

~ Readers Theater version of the story of Tamar, found in 2 Samuel 13.

Discussion Guide (Ministry Leaders) to facilitate a church’s response to #MeToo.

For Small Groups responding to personal stories of abuse:

~ Discussion Guide (General) for groups responding to the experience of sexual abuse.

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I grew up in a conservative, churchy subculture until a traumatic event catapulted me into a new life. What a relief to discover that I could be furious about outrageous things, and still love Jesus. A Presbyterian pastor, I've been in ministry for more than 20 years and currently serve a church in Bethesda, MD. I've written two books which are both spiritual memoirs about pivotal events. I often speak about the subjects of Holy Land pilgrimage, and recovering faith after sexual violence.