“Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land”

My book has just been released! After years of effort–querying editors, writing, rewriting, and re-rewriting–it is actually a book I can hold in my hands! Yesterday I didn’t want to do anything but that: hold it in my hands.

But today I want to line out the audiences I see for this book. Maybe you will fit into one of these, and want to read it yourself. Maybe you will be struck with the realization that this book will be the perfect gift for a friend or family member:

1) Previous Pilgrims — People who traveled to the Holy Land years ago and would like to relive that experience.

2) Armchair Pilgrims — People who would love to travel to the Holy Land but are unable to because of cost or fear of violence.

3) Upcoming Pilgrims — People who are planning a pilgrimage, even if it’s to a different holy place, because there’s lots in the book about the concept of pilgrimage in general.

4) Pastors — Pastors who’ve traveled to the Holy Land will refresh their memories. Pastors who haven’t had a chance to go will find this book to be a great stand-in until they are able.

5) Preachers — Yep, this may seem like a repeat of #4, but I want to guarantee pastors: you WILL find preaching material in this book!

6) Adult Christian Education Participants — People who lead, or participate in, group Bible study will appreciate the set of discussion questions that is specifically tied to the Bible passages I quote.

7) Interfaith Study Participants — People who lead, or participate in, interfaith study will appreciate the set of discussion questions intended for seekers of all faiths. The Holy Land pulses with religion of many stripes and the book is full of interactions with Jews, Muslims and atheists.

8) Who did I miss? If you read the book and think of something — please let me know!

I will be doing a book giveaway on Goodreads, and I also have a number of book signings/readings lined up. Most of them are in the Washington DC area, but I will be traveling to Grand Rapids, Michigan in December. If you would like to blog a review of the book, contact me. I really appreciate your support!

Thanks so much for reading this blog. There are hundreds of you faithful readers. You just tend to be a quiet bunch, with very few comments. You know, the type who like to ponder meaty subjects like pilgrimage!

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I'm an essayist, memoirist, and Presbyterian pastor. My books are both spiritual memoirs -- "Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land" and "Ruined."