Haiku: Polarization

Last October I posted a Fall Haiku, the fall tree with a Stop sign. That was fun, so let’s try it again.

On Saturday I visited a friend at her cabin in the Poconos. The trees seemed especially gorgeous! Then I realized that my polarizing sunglasses made a world of difference. Check it out (I took the picture through my sunglass lens as I am normally #nofilter):


Poconos Ordinary

Poconos Polarized

Poconos Polarized










Are you pro-polarization or against? Or is that a polarizing question? Either way, why not try a haiku? (no rhyme necessary, just count the syllables: 5/7/5)


How rosy the world can seem

Leave your lenses on!

Now it’s your turn.

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Stop. This Picture Needs a Haiku.

fall leaves and Stop sign

Here’s a picture of fall leaves and a Stop sign, from Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan.

This photo seems to beg for a haiku, doesn’t it? I invite you to write one and leave it in the comments! A haiku is 3 lines which don’t rhyme: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.

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My First Sailing Adventure — Annapolis, MD

Gulls flap. Ospreys dive.

Tankers growl. Speedboats buzz. But

no motor = Quiet.

sailing Annapolis MD

All Aboard the Alibi!

sailing Annapolis MD

The Bay Bridge in the distance.

sailing annapolis MD

What’s that tanker doing?

sailing annapolis MD

Wouldn’t that red capsule make a fun ride?

sailing annapolis MD

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Cat Haiku, “Fine Lines from Felines”

Pardon me. I had intended to write something profound about church leadership and spiritual formation, but last night Wrangler pestered me with her meows. I am sympathetic to having a poem that needs to find expression. So here it is, her latest haiku. Personally, I thought it was quite good, a poignant lament, so I agreed to post it.

Wrangler, the Poet.

Wrangler, the Poet.

Dogs across the way

Are brought inside when it’s cold

I cannot tease them.

Editor’s note: the “dogs across the way” are a St. Bernard and yellow lab, well-behaved pets confined to their breezeway by an invisible fence. Since Wrangler is able to stride past, unperturbed, she may believe it is her ferocious figure that restrains the dogs. 

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Cat Haiku

Wrangler, the Poet.

Wrangler, the Poet.

Where did the Spring go?

The warm breeze? The chirp-chirp birds?

I am done with snow.

winter 2014

Winter/Spring/Winter 2014

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St. Patrick’s Day Snowstorm

st patricks day snowstorm 2014

Our back porch, St. Patricks Day Snowstorm

Just yesterday this

outdoor bench was barber’s stool

now a seat for snow.



PS: I gave Doug a haircut on this stool the day *before* yesterday but I couldn’t make that fit the haiku. It was a warm breezy day with chirping birds.

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A Haiku: Lent & St. Patrick’s Day



Boston Irish Famine Memorial, my photo

Boston, overnight.

Lodged well, Fed well, Found this plaque,

Which has been forgot.

Plaque, Boston Irish Famine Memorial, my photo.

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A Haiku for Ash Wednesday

Ashes on the brow.

Dirty, but clean. Cold, but warm.

Sunlight shines off snow.


The Grand Canyon at sunset, in snow, South Rim. My own photo, December 2011.


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Haiku: February Freeze

Cupids Everywhere.

Friend tells me: My wife walked out.

February Freeze.

my front porch today

my front porch today

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Writing a Haiku About Writing a Haiku

Sitting in my chair

plucking words. No, not that one.

Too many syllables.

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