Author Event for “Ruined”

at Neland Ave CRC in Grand Rapids, MI, Monday, April 16 at 7:00 pm

Join us for a night with Ruth Everhart, author and Calvin Alumni. Ruth will be discussing her book Ruined, the 2017 Christianity Today book of the year in the memoir division. Come to the Neland Activity Center (lower level of the church) to hear her explain why we are not what happens to us. Click here to see/share the Facebook event.

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Unusually Thorough Review of “Ruined”

by Byron Borger at Hearts & Minds Bookstore

I neglected to link this review earlier, perhaps because I was feeling shy. It is humbling to have one’s work be praised by someone like Byron Borger, who reads and reviews lots of books. His very thorough review is here.

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Resource for Discussion of “Ruined”

written by Tammy Wiens for UKirk (young adults)

I just discovered this very thorough review and analysis of my memoir “Ruined” written by Tammy Wiens for UKirk. It’s geared to young adults but would be helpful for any book group.

There’s also a free Discussion Guide which Tyndale House put together. (Click “Show More” under “Related Sites & Resources” to find it.)

Remember that I’m happy to FaceTime with your group. Without readers, writers don’t exist, so readers make my world go ’round!

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My Hour Long Interview with Michelle McKormick

Audio from "Sound Off West Michigan" 28 Sept 2017

What a treat to spend an hour in conversation with Michelle McKormick! We hardly stopped for a breath — there’s not even a station break. Michelle is dynamic, curious, and a people-lover — exactly what a radio host needs to be.

“Sound Off West Michigan” is on WJRW 1340 AM in Grand Rapids — the city where the “Heritage Hill Rape Robbery” took place in 1978. Michelle and I talk about the crime that “ruined” me and the events that followed, including the faith journey that spanned a decade.


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#MeToo Is an Opportunity for the Church

article online at Sojourners

I took some time to respond to the #MeToo movement. I decided to focus on contempt and gender inequality in the church. You can read it over at Sojourners: I Am a Pastor and Rape Survivor. #MeToo Is an Opportunity for the Church.

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Can You Go Home Again?

I Will Be Discovering One Answer

Everyone has to leave home eventually (although I do know one fella who never did, he just outlived his parents!). Perhaps what differs is the manner in which we leave.

What was it like when you left home? Did you launch happily, feeling supported and connected, or did you burn rubber on your way out? In my case, an unfortunate event — or yes, a series of them — catapulted me into the ether and sent me into free-fall.

Perhaps some of you have a story similar to mine — you found yourself loving Jesus, but not the church that introduced you to him, and you had to escape. (more…)

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My Unpublished Chapter: Skin in the Game

One of the chapters in my memoir manuscript was pulled before publication because it mentions the “hot topic” of abortion. I was upset that the chapter was cut because it relates an important part of my story —  the moment I decided to leave the church of my upbringing.

But eventually I understood that the publisher wanted to give my work its best chance. They knew their readers would be likely to boycott anything that was open to the possibility of abortion, even in the aftermath of sexual assault.

Now that my memoir has been out in the world for almost a year — wearing a sticker that says it won an award from the evangelical flagship, Christianity Today — it’s time to circle back to that missing chapter.

Sojourners, which is a Christian magazine from the progressive side of things (because there are many ways to be Christian), published the chapter as a stand-alone essay in their August issue. It’s titled “Skin in the Game.” Read it here.

Review of RUINED at the Christian Century

So happy to share Bromleigh McCleneghan’s very thorough review of my memoir at the Christian Century. I especially appreciate how she puts my experience into a larger cultural context: Though the context of Everhart’s rape and its racial dynamics are unusual, the fact of it is not. Approximately one in five American women will be raped or otherwise sexually assaulted in their lifetime; the risk is even higher within some demographics. This reality is reason enough for clergy to read this book.  Read the whole review here.