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Unusually Thorough Review of “Ruined”

by Byron Borger at Hearts & Minds Bookstore

I neglected to link this review earlier, perhaps because I was feeling shy. It is humbling to have one’s work be praised by someone like Byron Borger, who reads and reviews lots of books. His very thorough review is here.

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Resource for Discussion of “Ruined”

written by Tammy Wiens for UKirk (young adults)

I just discovered this very thorough review and analysis of my memoir “Ruined” written by Tammy Wiens for UKirk. It’s geared to young adults but would be helpful for any book group.

There’s also a free Discussion Guide which Tyndale House put together. (Click “Show More” under “Related Sites & Resources” to find it.)

Remember that I’m happy to FaceTime with your group. Without readers, writers don’t exist, so readers make my world go ’round!

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Review of RUINED at the Christian Century

So happy to share Bromleigh McCleneghan’s very thorough review of my memoir at the Christian Century. I especially appreciate how she puts my experience into a larger cultural context: Though the context of Everhart’s rape and its racial dynamics are unusual, the fact of it is not. Approximately one in five American women will be raped or otherwise sexually assaulted in their lifetime; the risk is even higher within some demographics. This reality is reason enough for clergy to read this book.  Read the whole review here.

Review of RUINED at the Englewood Review of Books

So pleased to tell you that Englewood Review of Books reviewed my memoir. What a great first line: What I love most about this memoir is that it is a gift, primarily for her daughters, but by extension to other young women and ultimately Christian culture in general. You can read the whole thing here. Thanks ERB!

“Ruined: a memoir”

Awarded a "2017 Book Award" by Christianity Today -- CT Women

This is what pastor/scholar/author Eugene Peterson said about my book:

This memoir is far more than just a moving narrative by a remarkable person (although it is that).

It is a story of lived theology: everything that has to do with God and the Gospel written in the language of everyday suffering, pain and blessing and love.

Rape and shame, friendship and family find their place on these pages providing witness to a mature lived faith.

Click over to Amazon to read many more kind words, including 130 reviews by readers like you.

You can buy the book at a bookstore or online retailer. An audio version is available.

PS: See the sticker? RUINED was awarded a 2017 Book Award by Christianity Today!

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“Ruined” named a “2017 Book of the Year” by Christianity Today

Friends, I’m so happy to share this news! RUINED has been named a “2017 Book of the Year” by Christianity Today. Thank you to everyone who has read the book, or listened to it, and shared it with others. You are the ones who are making this book have an impact!