But I’ve Never Sold Anything Before!

That title is not absolutely true. When I was 16, my sister Beth was 12, too young to sell Avon, which she desperately wanted to do. So I signed up. And together we trundled around neighborhoods door-to-door selling cosmetics. To my memory, the main asset we acquired was a plastic turquoise box full of miniature lipsticks, as samples. (The colorful plastic tubes lasted much longer than our sales career did, eventually melting into a pink/coral/red blob of goo.)

But now I have something to sell which is of far more value to me than lipstick! I wrote a book, and am eager to get copies into the hands of people who might be interested in reading it. After all, that was one of the reasons I wrote the book. (The other reason, I suppose, is that to me writing is like breathing.)

Yesterday I sold my first stack of books, which was thrilling. Granted I was at a Presbytery meeting, so most of the buyers were my friends and/or the target audience, so it was easier than door-to-door Avon. (I didn’t even have to pull out a turquoise sample case.)

I’ve written before about how valuable it’s been for me to have a group (the Writing Revs). Our goal is to help each other with our writing, and with promoting our writing. That becomes ever more true.

On this coming Sunday, December 2 (7:00) one of the Writing Revs, the always-gracious Susan Graceson, is hosting a book event at her church, First Presbyterian Arlington for me and MaryAnn McKibben Dana.

I’ve blogged previously about MaryAnn’s delightful book, Sabbath in the Suburbs. It’s a wonderfully engaging tale of how one ordinary family (her own) spent a year attempting to practice Sabbath while raising three active young children and managing two careers. You will laugh, you will groan slightly in recognition, and you will be inspired.

But let me tell you what Susan wrote about the two books which will be featured this upcoming Sunday night:

MaryAnn’s book is titled Sabbath in the Suburbs: One Family’s Experiment with Holy Time. With lively and compelling prose and wonderful anecdotes, MaryAnn presents her family’s experiment with Sabbath to serve as a guide for families of all shapes and sizes. Tips are included in each chapter to help make your own sabbath experiment meaningful, enjoyable and successful. MaryAnn is the pastor of Idylwood Presbyterian Church in Falls Church, Virginia.


Ruth’s work, titled Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land, invites readers to journey alongside her unforgettable Holy Land pilgrimage. If you have ever wondered what it would be like to trace the footsteps of Jesus, to swim in the Sea of Galilee, or walk the Via Dolorosa, or kneel at Golgotha, this book is for you. Candid, down-to-earth, and delightful, the book also includes a study guide for use with small groups or classes. Ruth is the Worship Leader at Western Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC.

Thanks for reading my blog. I so appreciate your support of my words!


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