Ruined: a memoir (Tyndale House, 2016)

My memoir, RUINED, was named a “2017 Book of the Year” by Christianity Today.

“Told with candor and unflinching honesty, RUINED is an extraordinary emotional and spiritual journey that begins with an unspeakable act of violence but ends with tremendous healing and profound spiritual insights about faith, forgiveness, and the will of God.”

Available at AmazonTyndale, or any bookstore or online retailer.

Audio version at Audible.

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2 thoughts on “Ruined: a memoir

  1. Oh precious one…I can’t wait to read your story and the hope we have in God’s redeeming grace.
    I have a similar story as you, however, I have struggled with the decision I made to date this young man to only find there was a monster lurking inside.

    Forgiveness has freed me beyond what I could imagine. But now, at times, I’m left with the raw feelings of why did I ever date him. It stabs at the very core of who God made me to be.

    Thank you for sharing your story!! Women like myself find comfort in the fact we are not alone. Alone is a lonesome place…

    I’m so sorry of the events in your life. However, I love the fact that you are bringing to light, what the evil one meant for harm, for the glory of God. God will take and use your story to reach the hurt crevices of so many of our souls.

    Thank you again! You have been such a blessing to me today! I have signed up for your emails.