Going Dark: Alaska Bound

Like many of you, I’m headed to a Scenic Place soon.

Doug and I will celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary in August, an occasion that seems to call for something special. Journeying to Alaska is a two-week trip we always hoped to take together. Now is the time.

After much wavering, I’ve decided not to bring my laptop. As much as I love writing on this keyboard, my laptop IS a work tool. This vacation is about Doug. And our love. (Cue an appropriate theme song.)

Possibly some moose and bears and grizzly and whales. We shall see about that.

I will bring different writing tools: a notebook and pen. They can be powerful tools. Actually, that’s how my pilgrimage book began — with a notebook and pen and lots of scrawled thoughts and images, stirred by a place I was seeing with fresh eyes.

Enjoy summertime and I’ll see you in mid-July!

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