Open-Window-Time: Spring Uncluttering

IMG_1262I love sleeping with the windows open. What a pleasure to wake to the birds and a breeze.

The open-window time is, itself, a brief window of time, coming after the worst of the pollen has passed, and before the heat arrives. Open-window time makes me want to air out other parts of my life.

Which is how I found a “fantasy self.”

I began with some simple cleaning in my kitchen –I shined the stainless steel range hood and made the glass-fronted cabinets sparkle. Those results motivated me to tackle my bathroom drawers. It was relatively easy because I did a thorough clutter-bust on the bathroom a year ago. Still, it was interesting to remove everything and find the items I decided to keep a year ago — and haven’t touched since. Why did I keep things like this?

But I know why. Those items are part of my “fantasy self.” Do you have one of those? I have many fantasy selves. Apparently one of my fantasy selves wears eyeliner. I discovered 3 unused types of eyeliner in my drawer. Will I embrace that particular fantasy self or relinquish her? These are the questions that uncluttering leads to.

About Ruth Everhart

I'm a writer and a minister. I believe that work is never wasted, especially creative work. I wrote a book about a pilgrimage to Israel/Palestine called "Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land." Now I'm working on a spiritual memoir. I love the work!
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  1. Mary C says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, Ruth! (Claycat)

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