There are lots of women entering ministry these days, which is a wonderful thing.

Recently there was a spirited discussion over at RevGalBlogPals about what folks wear on Sunday mornings. Since I’ve had to choose “what to wear” to lead worship nearly 1,000 times, I have some pretty specific opinions! It took a lot of trial and error to feel comfortable in my own skin. After all, there’s a lot of baggage about how a woman looks, and what she wears, and some of those things go double for women who are spiritual leaders. These concerns may seem trivial, unless you’re walking down a church aisle wearing a microphone.

Here’s my current thinking on the subject, in case it’s helpful for others who are pondering such mundane but important details . . . .

~ In my tradition, it’s common to wear a pulpit robe, except in the heat of the summer. I’m glad.

~ For me, a good preaching outfit works year-round, since I always opt for short sleeved or sleeveless. Preaching is hard work, I’ve been known to break a sweat. (Even if that isn’t ladylike.)

~ I find dresses to be more comfortable than skirt/blouse combos. Although a black skirt is a great wardrobe-extender. To my mind, the perfect outfit is a dress.

~ I prefer an above-the-knee length, which is modest but not frumpy.

~ The fullness of the skirt is key. If it’s too tight it might ride up. If it’s too full it says party, not preaching. So you want that body-skimming fit.

~ I prefer a dark fabric in a solid color, or a forgettable print. Hopefully a washable fabric.

~ To me, it’s reasonable to have four dresses to rotate each month, a modest working wardrobe. (I don’t know that I’d want to serve a church where that wasn’t sufficient.)

~ I don’t wear suit jackets because they were designed for a man’s triangular torso, not a woman’s curvy one. In the cooler months when I need a layer for after the robe comes off, I opt for a cardigan.

~ I wear very simple jewelry, usually just a pair of gold or silver hoop earrings and a cross necklace. If people compliment my earrings after the worship service, I know they were too noticeable. Earrings are fun but distracting.

~ I wear more eye makeup on Sundays than on weekdays, to help make my facial expressions more “readable” from a distance.

~ Shoes are my hardest item. In the winter I wear knee-high boots with heels. The rest of the time I wear basic pumps, which I hate! (Oh the things we do for Jesus.) Although in  more casual environments I have gone bare-legged in the summer, with a heeled sandal.

I would love to buy a new preaching robe, as the one I have is getting threadbare! I bought it long ago. Now it’s possible to find preaching robes that are fitted to a woman’s shape, and I must admit — this is something I would like to have! I have friends with fabulous robes and I admire how put-together and feminine they look. Hopefully some day I will finish writing these books and take another church. If that happens, I will buy myself a new robe.

How about you? What’s your perfect preaching outfit?

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