Protestants and Catholics are working together at last!

Or, let me put that more accurately: this particular Presbyterian clergywoman has partnered with the Benedictine Sisters of Erie to create a devotional course for Lent.

It’s a thrilling piece of news, and I invite you to be part of it. The eCourse is available online, so anyone, anywhere –including you!– can sign up to participate. Perhaps you were already considering ways you might go deeper spiritually this Lent.

Lenten-course-pilgrimage-Everhart-Monasteries-of-the-HeartYou may be familiar with the sister who is the face of the community, Joan Chittister. She and the other Benedictine Sisters of Erie have created Monasteries of the Heart, which is an experiment in online monastic community.

The online community already has over 5,000 members who participate in eCourses and eRetreats. I hope you’ll check it out and consider joining. Membership in MOH is free and there is a plethora of wonderful resources.

Once you’ve joined, I hope you’ll investigate my Lenten Pilgrimage. In addition to having written the material, I’ll be facilitating the online forum and look forward to meeting you in this exciting format.

You’ll be able to access the info about the eCourse once you’ve joined MOH. The screenshot above is only available once you have become a member.

Please let me know if you have any trouble with the technical parts of signing up.

I’d be indebted if you’d help spread the word about this exciting partnership!

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