As the old year ends, I like to choose a word or phrase that captures my intention for the new year. I might put this phrase on a card over my desk, or at the bottom of my emails, somewhere I’ll see it with some regularity.

My 2013 phrase was: “Be Lighthearted and Gracious.” My mental image for that phrase was a fluffy white feather. The extended version — the commentary, or midrash, or hashtag — was: “Remember that everyone is fighting a hard battle.”

The phrase was helpful to me, especially during a time that was professionally difficult. I won’t pretend I succeeded in being gracious, but the intention did serve as an anchor, which is the point.

My 2012 phrase was: “Close the Loop” which is still a mantra of sorts. At any rate it helps me get the clothes out of the dryer, or empty the dishwasher.

Now I’m choosing my 2014 phrase. I’m entertaining this one: “Do the Work.” I have a massive amount of writing to plow through and it is rather intimidating.

Do you choose a word or phrase for the year? Want to share?

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