I’m delighted to have a pair of blogposts over at “The Hardest Question” THQ this week.

The two posts are for the Transfiguration which is this Sunday. If you’re a preacher, you’re already well aware that the Transfiguration texts crop up every year, right before we begin Lent. If you’re preaching this week, these posts might get your wheels turning about what direction your sermon might take!

One of the texts is Luke 9:28-36, where Jesus ascends the mountain and shines like the sun, with Moses and Elijah appearing on either side. The other text is Exodus 34:29-35, where Moses ascends the mountain to meet God, and shines like the sun.

I’m new to THQ, but very much appreciate their midrashic approach to the text. The goal is to drill down into the text by searching for the hardest question. This is a refreshing way to approach the text, where we often –without realizing what we’re doing– search for the easiest answers.

I hope you’ll click over to THQ and enjoy the conversation!

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