Do you like to go places you’ve already been, or do you prefer to go somewhere new?

That familiar path may unroll in a predictable way that feels comforting; but that new path may yield a gob-smacking surprise.

Do you prefer the well-traveled path, or the one that’s overgrown?

That well-traveled path may feel hard underfoot; but that overgrown path may harbor ticks.

Hmm, which path for me today? Which path for you?

ETA: The picture is from a piece of woods near my house, where I walk routinely. This is  a historic route called the “Vestal Gap Road.” One of it’s famous moments occurred during 1814, thanks to Dolley Madison. Legend has it that this is the route couriers took to sneak the famous Stuart portrait of George Washington to a place of safety when the British were burning our capital city. I don’t think about that historic moment very often when I walk, but I do enjoy the feel of the path underfoot, and the way my mind often solves a problem or lights on a pleasant topic as I walk.

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