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A Pastor’s MeToo Story   (Christian Century, 12/4/17)
When #MeToo Becomes #Church Too   (The Arc, 12/17/17)
I am a Pastor and Rape Survivor. #MeToo Is an Opportunity for the Church   (Sojourners, 11/1/17)

Sexual Violence:

18 Ways Churches Can Fight Sexual Assault in 2018   (Christian Century, 12/4/17)
Even in Cases of Rape?   (Sojourners, 7/28/17)
Our Culture of Purity Celebrates the Virgin Mary. As a Rape Victim, that Hurts Me
(Washington Post, 12/16/16)
3 Ways to Help a Friend Who Has Been Sexually Assaulted   (Margaret Feinberg blog, 8/17/16)

Holy Land Pilgrimage:

Reading the Fifth Gospel   (Christian Century, 6/6/14)
Why Are Catholics Better at Pilgrimage than Protestants?   (Eerd Word, 3/4/14)
When a Pastor Becomes a Pilgrim   (Eerd Word, 12/12/12)


From Shattered to Whole   (Christianity Today, 4/24/17)
A Lenten Pilgrimage   (originally published at Presbyterians Today, Lent 2012)


What You Say to a Hurting Person Matters   (Tyndale Blog, 8/9/16)
The Body of Christ: Tough & Fragile   (Christian Century, 1/4/16)
Portals, Icons, Threshholds, and the Internet   (Reformed Worship, 3/1/10)


Would Jesus Have Marched? Matthew 5:13-20   (Journey with Jesus, 1/29/17)
The Transfiguration, Luke 9:28-36, Exodus 34:29-35   (Spark House, THQ, 2/3/13)


Beyond Heroines & Harlots   (Monasteries of the Heart, 7/27/16)
Mom Don’t Want No Stinkin’ Card   (Christian Century, 5/5/14)


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