A RevGal’s Review

rgbp 2012 logo FacebookPerhaps you’ve noticed the colorful “RevGal” link in my sidebar. It’s been there since I started blogging, and signifies that I belong to the RevGalBlogPals blogring.

I’ve been a RGBP for more than 6 years, ever since I began blogging, due largely to the encouragement of my fellow “Writing Revs.”

(I’ll link the original WRevs here because I haven’t mentioned them in a while and they are all still regular bloggers. Each of them produces a blog that is consistently worthy reading, which is no small thing! MaryAnn McKibben DanaCarol Howard Merritt and Jan Edmiston.)

As the name suggests, the Rev Gals are primarily clergywomen. We have a great deal of camaraderie, even though it is rare to meet in the flesh. (Some of them may be exposing a bit more of that flesh than usual since they’re on a cruise to the Bahamas at the moment, the Big Event 6.0, led by the fabulous Rachel Hackenberg!)

Today one of the RevGals, Julie Craig, posted a really wonderful review of my book. I am humbled by her generous words! She does a great job of overviewing the book and mentioning it’s themes, as well as giving her personal reaction to it. Thanks Jules!

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I'm an essayist, memoirist, and Presbyterian pastor. My books are both spiritual memoirs -- "Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land" and "Ruined."