Ruined: a memoir (Tyndale, 2016)

My memoir, RUINED, was just named a “2017 Book of the Year” by Christianity Today.

“Told with candor and unflinching honesty, RUINED is an extraordinary emotional and spiritual journey that begins with an unspeakable act of violence but ends with tremendous healing and profound spiritual insights about faith, forgiveness, and the will of God.”

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Also available on audio — a download for just $11.99 or at Audible or Downpour.

There’s a free discussion guide. Thanks for your interest in responding to the faith needs of those who’ve experienced trauma!

Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012)

When I was writing this book, someone smart told me that I would never find a publisher. He said: “Christians don’t like to read about the Holy Land — they only like to argue about it.” He was onto something. If you want to see Christians debate, just take a strong position at either end of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Yet, as the Christian church has long known, the Holy Land itself is a “fifth gospel.” This gospel is not only to be studied, but also experienced. A pilgrim doesn’t live above the neck, in the realm of facts, ideas and doctrines. A pilgrim travels dusty roads, swims in holy water, drinks wine, eats olives, lights candles, touches sacred stones, prays, cries, listens, laughs, and sings.

In this book I invite you to come alongside me on a pilgrimage to the Land of the Holy One.

You can order it at Amazon by clicking on the book cover. Thanks so much for your interest!