Review of RUINED at the Englewood Review of Books

So pleased to tell you that Englewood Review of Books reviewed my memoir. What a great first line: What I love most about this memoir is that it is a gift, primarily for her daughters, but by extension to other young women and ultimately Christian culture in general. You can read the whole thing here. Thanks ERB!

“Ruined: a memoir”

Awarded a "2017 Book Award" by Christianity Today

I love the tagline on the Christianity Today Book Awards:

Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.

This book makes a great gift for anyone who has experienced trauma. Right now it’s available for under $10 at Amazon. Or visit Tyndale or any bookstore or online retailer.

For a limited time the audio download is just $11.99.

Also available at Audible or Downpour.

Told with candor and unflinching honesty, RUINED is an extraordinary emotional and spiritual journey that begins with an unspeakable act of violence but ends with tremendous healing and profound spiritual insights about faith, forgiveness, and the will of God.

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The Virgin Mary & Me

in the Washington Post, "Acts of Faith"

I have an article up at the Washington Post today, in the “Acts of Faith” section. It has a long title: Our culture of purity celebrates the Virgin Mary. As a rape victim, that hurts me.

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“Ruined” named a “2017 Book of the Year” by Christianity Today

Friends, I’m so happy to share this news! RUINED has been named a “2017 Book of the Year” by Christianity Today. Thank you to everyone who has read the book, or listened to it, and shared it with others. You are the ones who are making this book have an impact!

Audio Version of RUINED Available Dec. 6

I’m thrilled to announce that you can now listen to my book, as well as read it.

Do you have a long drive coming up? The alphabet game only gets you so far! Why not request my book from your local library?

The recording was done by a professional narrator, except for the Epilogue, which I wanted to read because it’s a letter to my daughters. The Epilogue is the last 14 minutes.

You can download at Audible, or buy it on CD, Audiobook, or MP3 at Two Words Publishing or other online retailers. The publisher has a nice collection of clips you can listen to if you’re trying to decide. Let me know what you think!

Vicious Rape, Unstoppable Redemption

photos from an event at Vienna Presbyterian Church

On Sunday, Oct 30, the saints at Vienna Presbyterian Church hosted an author event called Vicious Rape, Unstoppable Redemption. I am so grateful to everyone who put their heart and soul into this event, especially Sue Hamblen, the Director of Missions, and Sally Mitchell, the Bookstore Manager, and all the people who assisted them. It was a lovely event with a worship component, since the praise band Work in Progress played to open and close — a special treat. Afterward there was a book signing and refreshments in the Great Hall (with homemade cookies — thanks to Gerri Webb and her elves!).

If you’re in northern Virginia and need a book, stop by the Grapevine Bookstore (open Sun, Tues, Thurs) and say hello to Sally and the rest of the crew.

I’ll post a few photos from last night — thanks to Megan Kritsky for the pics!


Work in Progress playing.


Reading a few paragraphs from the Epilogue.


Sexual violence is a heavy topic, but there were many lighthearted moments.


Having multiple copies signed for friends, God bless this reader!


That’s my good friend Ginni Richards beside me at the book signing table.


The many hands that made it all look easy! Sally is in purple, Gerri is holding my book, and Sue is in plaid.


I’ve been told I need a “book signing pic” so here it is. I like to write: “You are more than what happened to you.”

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Review in Presbyterian Outlook

Rev. Rachel Landers Vaagenes, pastor of Georgetown Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. reviewed RUINED for the Presbyterian Outlook.