Ruined: a memoir (Tyndale House, 2016)

Told with candor and unflinching honesty, RUINED is an extraordinary emotional and spiritual journey that begins with an unspeakable act of violence but ends with tremendous healing and profound spiritual insights about faith, forgiveness, and the will of God.

Everhart is at her best when dismantling the sexism that surrounds rape. . . a touching and empowering story of healing. ~ PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, a starred review

Riveting. . . . Forthright, compassionate, and expertly crafted—everything readers should want from a memoir. ~ KIRKUS REVIEWS, a starred review

Ruined is one of those memoirs that sticks to your heart, helps you understand the power of a story, and gives you a framework to understand God when terrible things happen. Honest and beautifully written, Ruth’s story will help readers discover the love of God in unexpected ways.  ~ MARY DEMUTH, author of WORTH LIVING

Many levels of excellent writing are skillfully woven into this memoir. It is far more than just a moving narrative by a remarkable person (although it is that). It is a story of lived theology: everything that has to do with God and the Gospel written in the language of everyday suffering, pain and blessing and love. Rape and shame, friendship and family find their place on these pages providing witness to a mature lived faith. ~ EUGENE PETERSON

Mostly I wish this book never needed to be written. But it did, it was, and it’s powerful. With heart-wrenching honesty and a refusal to leave the chaos, Ruth Everhart shows us the raw courage necessary to emerge both wounded and healed. Alternating between fury, hurt, fear, and rage, we journey with her to find God and her way back to life.  NANCY ORTBERG, author of LOOKING FOR GOD and SEEING IN THE DARK

RUINED was named a “2017 Book of the Year” by Christianity Today (CT Women).

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4 thoughts on “Ruined: a memoir

  1. Bless your heart, Ruth, I would like request permission to share some excerpts from this post …

    related to an overture regarding abuse of power that I have personally submitted to the CRCNA Synod 2018. I compiled and included an appendix with quotes from various public forums regarding abuse of power in the Church, but in order to share these quotes with the synodical CRC advisory committee for Synod 2018, the CRC synodical planners have requested that I get permission from each person I am quoting… here’s the excerpts from this post that I hope to share with the Synodical advisory committee that will be addressing the overture in June:

    Ruth Everhart, author of “Ruined”; three excerpts from: BOQ: As difficult as it is, I believe this cultural movement (#metoo and #churchtoo) is a gift to the church. We have the opportunity to lead boldly rather than to trail timidly or argue defiantly… the church needs to do better. The church must pursue justice…

    As a person of faith and as a pastor, I wish that the church were on the forefront of this moral movement. Instead, Hollywood and Washington are showing the church how to pursue justice…

    I believe that if individual congregations—and whole denominations—can rise to the challenges before us, a much-needed reformation of the Protestant church will be underway.EOQ

    If you would like more context for the overture before giving permission to include , please feel free to contact me via my email… and I will be glad to share more…

    Bev Sterk

  2. Oh precious one…I can’t wait to read your story and the hope we have in God’s redeeming grace.
    I have a similar story as you, however, I have struggled with the decision I made to date this young man to only find there was a monster lurking inside.

    Forgiveness has freed me beyond what I could imagine. But now, at times, I’m left with the raw feelings of why did I ever date him. It stabs at the very core of who God made me to be.

    Thank you for sharing your story!! Women like myself find comfort in the fact we are not alone. Alone is a lonesome place…

    I’m so sorry of the events in your life. However, I love the fact that you are bringing to light, what the evil one meant for harm, for the glory of God. God will take and use your story to reach the hurt crevices of so many of our souls.

    Thank you again! You have been such a blessing to me today! I have signed up for your emails.