Stranger Than Fiction

Memoir Sampler

Here’s a great opportunity to fill out your summer reading list. The folks at Tyndale House are giving away a free sampler — three chapters of six memoirs. Do you see my cover peeking out at bottom right? I’m thrilled, but also a bit nervous. If you download and start reading my memoir, I think you’ll […]

DIY Update

Get Noticed Theme Goes Live!

I’ve been doing some back-end work on this blog so I’ve “gone dark” a time or two. Hopefully everything is straightened out now. I purchased a new blog theme called “Get Noticed Theme” from Michael Hyatt, which has lots of bells and whistles. There’s lots to do yet. I still need to create and add […]


Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2012)

When I was writing this book, someone smart told me that I would never find a publisher. He said: “Christians don’t like to read about the Holy Land — they only like to argue about it.” He was onto something. If you want to see Christians debate, just take a strong position at either end of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Yet, as the Christian church has long known, the Holy Land itself is a “fifth gospel.” This gospel is not only to be studied, but also experienced. A pilgrim doesn’t live above the neck, in the realm of facts, ideas and doctrines. A pilgrim travels dusty roads, swims in holy water, drinks wine, eats olives, lights candles, touches sacred stones, prays, cries, listens, laughs, and sings.

In this book I invite you to come alongside me on a pilgrimage to the Land of the Holy One.

Fighting with Evil: Road Edition

I picked a fight with my husband on Sunday. We were in the car, driving somewhere we’d never been before, a situation that makes easy pickings for a fight. Wrong turns. Missed exits. A married fight is hardly news, but for us it’s not typical. My own angry words exhausted me. For days I was out […]

Pausing in the Swirl of Life

Have you ever looked forward to an event, only to have your plans crumble? “Life intrudes” we say. Or “God laughs when we make plans.” Responding quickly to change can be difficult. At least it is for me. If you know people of Dutch descent, you will understand. We are not known for our flexibility! We […]

Looking for Christ in the face of the Other

The “connectivity” of our world can bring such blessing. I received an email the other day from The Very Rev. Canon Dr. Gregory Jenks, who is the Dean of St. George’s College in Jerusalem. Perhaps you will recall that St. George’s hosted the pilgrimage which I wrote about in Chasing the Divine in the Holy Land. […]